Make the most of your land

Landpro is a multi-disciplinary team of land development experts. We are the trusted advisors and enduring problem solvers for clients both big and small across regional New Zealand.

Trusted Advisors & Enduring Problem Solvers

At Landpro we work with clients both big and small across regional New Zealand. Our team has mapped, measured and analysed more land than you can shake a stick at, and talked about water until the cows came home.

Most importantly, we’ve become the trusted advisors & enduring problem solvers of our clients.


As Land Professionals, here at Landpro we provide a broad spectrum of surveying services to assist you with the development of your land be it rural, residential or industrial land.

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Planning & Resource Management

Our Planning and Resource Management Team are the ones to call when you are up to your red bands in red tape. They can help you make the most of your land by outlining what you can and can’t do with your land through consent scoping assessments.

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Environmental & Technical

We work with clients in the primary industries, government, and land development sectors to manage their projects and any relevant compliance issues or minimize any environmental impacts that arise.

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Aerial Survey & Mapping

If you need fast, accurate and competitive aerial surveying services, you need to talk to us. We understand how important it is for our clients to have confidence; in the process, in the people and the data.

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