Backing success in surveying!

Becoming a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor is no walk in the park, and after 10 years of surveying in both NZ and aboard Kat Adams one of our Cromwell based Surveyors has decided to tackle the in-depth licensing process head on with the help and support of her manager, Nathan Archer.

Kat Adams on site performing a survey.

The licensing process is a multi-step process, starting after university and takes around 4 years in total to build up the required experience and competency to complete the licensing framework. Kat is currently in the physical evidence component of her licensing, having completed the knowledge acquisition of land legislation acts and passing the required laws and regulations exam. This includes compiling evidence on projects that she has worked on to demonstrate her competency in all areas of surveying.

To gain the evidence component, Kat has been working with WFH Properties on their large residential subdivision in Wanaka. This has been a great local project for Kat to sink her teeth from start to finish designing the engineering and scheme plans, setting out of the physical works to collating all relevant documentation in preparation for council submission and approval.

Once Kat has completed the project, she will undergo a professional, in-person interview with a select panel from Survey and Spatial New Zealand.  Upon passing the professional interview Kat will apply to the Cadastral Survey Licensing Board for an annual- practicing licence and will have the ability to certify her own survey plans and review other colleagues' plans.

A big part of the process is having a supportive mentor who has been through the process before to provide guidance on what the licensing process entails from a practical sense and lucky for Kat, we have just the guy – Nathan Archer! Nathan has been in the surveying game for over 28 years, and with Landpro for an impressive 10 years. It’s Nathan’s professional reputation amongst our clients of working collaboratively and providing them with practical tailored solutions that makes him a great as our South Island Survey Manager and mentor for Kat.  

Nathan says ‘Kat has what it takes to become an excellent Licenced Cadastral Surveyor and is heading towards a promising professional career.  After completing the four-year Bachelor of Surveying degree at University of Otago, many graduates take a step back and concentrate on working in the industry for a while before tackling the “licencing process”.  It’s typically a bit daunting and is important to realise that licencing is the next biggest thing in a Cadastral surveyor’s career post university. 

Kat is part of an experienced team of licensed cadastral surveyors and survey technicians who are specialists in all aspects of subdivision design and layout from boundary identifications and adjustments to house and site setouts and project management of the entire process.

As a company we are always eager to grow our team’s skill set and challenge them to further develop in their roles and careers. We are proud to be supporting Kat through the licensing process providing her with the time and project experience required to complete this, and hands on support and guidance from her manager Nathan Archer.