Proposed Changes to Freshwater Farm Plans

This week Kate Scott, one of our Executive Directors was invited to speak as a panelist on Sarah's Country - Opinion Maker -  the panel discussed proposed Freshwater Farm Plans and Intensive Winter Grazing.

The Freshwater Space has seen a lot of change in the past 12 months from a policy/regulatory perspective, which has kept those of us working to help farmers and growers to navigate the change space on our toes trying to keep ahead of what is coming, and in trying to support this with positive action on the ground.

When these regulations first landed, its fair to say many of the requirements were unworkable, and impractical. The Ministry for the Environment has taken on board this feedback and are looking at making some changes which  will improve the workability of the rules.

Over the next couple of weeks two key pieces of the Freshwater Regulations will be closing for submissions. The Draft Freshwater Farm Plan Regulations and Stock Exclusion Regs/Low Slope Maps on the 26th Sept, while consultation on proposed changes to the Intensive Winter Grazing Rules close on 7th Oct.

If you are keen to understand how these changes might affect what you are doing, and how to have your say then take a listen to the this informative episode -