Surveying Christchurch from above

You may have noticed a couple of small aircraft flying over Christchurch recently, we are working on an aerial survey project to learn more about the changing shape of Christchurch.

Mike Borthwick, Executive Director says surveying and mapping helps to ensure efficient development and use of land.

“We are often involved in regional, environmental and Resource Management planning, for which aerial and land surveys are essential“ Mike says.  “Aerial survey allows for the right accuracy, resolution and detail for more large-scale jobs and our team of planners and scientists use the information to ensure the best strategies are applied.”

Our aircrafts ZK-JGA and ZK-ROC are currently undertaking a high-resolution survey of the greater Christchurch area. The data from this survey will enable Christchurch to lead the way in sustainable and efficient design and development in future.

Mike says completing this survey will require a large number of flight lines backwards and forwards over the city. He says to keep the amount of flying to a minimum, operations are being scheduled outside commercial airline flight operations times and tidal windows, which may mean that flights are conducted between 7am and 9pm.

“We are working closely with Airways Corporation, who control the airspace around Christchurch,” he says. “All our aerial surveying complies with air safety regulations. This includes flying above 3000ft and operating within specific hours set by Airways to avoid interfering with commercial flight paths. We realise this may be an unwelcome annoyance for some, and apologise to anyone our aerial work will disrupt.”

Our aerial work is expected to be completed within the next six to eight weeks, subject to weather.