20ft relief container reaches Tongan villages

We had some great news recently that the 20ft container full of supplies (food, blankets, etc) reached Tonga safely. The container was organised by local Lions Clubs and Central Otago Tongan Families, with the help of a number of businesses in our community. After the eruption/tsunami earlier this year, Tonga has been rebuilding and we’re happy to have been able to contribute to some relief for the families to two Tongan villages. 

Our incredible community here in Central Otago came together quickly to contribute to this cause and continue to help the people struggling to rebuild their own communities after the disaster. We were over the moon to see all of the supplies arrive safely. 

Jason Harvey-Wills, Chief Executive Officer at Landpro, expands on what it meant for the business to contribute to this cause: "I'm always proud of our company being in a position to support our local communities in reaching their goals and giving something back. One of our three company values is "collaboration" and seeing our fantastic community rally together to come up with something practical in a time of need was an easy decision to support. Times are very challenging in New Zealand as a business without a doubt, but we're lucky enough to not have to worry about our basic needs being met like food, water, and shelter at this stage. So our thinking was why not help those that have been impacted by this disaster." 

Community contribution is huge for the team at Landpro and the local Lions have done an amazing job at co-ordinating this support.